No change, a car behind me at the car wash , then Kevin comes along.

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 If you have ever been to the Shell station on the old road backing the (5) freeway in Saugus, California then you probably know "Chuy" who works the counter and Kevin Hurley.  I met Kevin when I pulled up to the self serve car wash today only to learn that I didn't have any ones or five dollar bills which is the only bills the machine accepts.  So of course, the knucklehead that I am pulls up with a ten dollar bill and a few twenties.  So I had to make a decision back all the way out before someone traps me in or ask the guy Kevin (pictured to the left) walking by if he had change for a ten? 

 Well it just so happens that Kevin Hurley is the general manager of the Shell station in Saugus, California and has been for the last 10 years.  Well if luck would have it Kevin didn't have the change for my ten either, so this is usually when the person says "sir you'll need to back all the way out and go inside and get a receipt or at least the right change to pay for your wash".  Instead Kevin hands me 7 bucks to pay for the wash and wont accept my 10 dollar bill not even for security.  He just trusts me to go thru the wash and drive around the building and pay the counter what I owed.  And not a minute too soon as a car pulled up behind me.   Now if you have ever been thru this drive thru it would have been so easy to drive off and not pay so I was honored that he trusted me to drive around and pay.

 I went thru the car wash , drove around and walked into the store to pay and met "Chuy" Chuy works the front counter.  She has an infectious smile and makes everyone who walks in feel welcome.   It's no wonder this station is always packed. I shared with Kevin that his small gesture meant a lot to me.  It's people like Kevin and Chuy that make an ordinary trip to the station a memorable experience.  Next time your in the area make it a point to stop at the Shell on the Old Road in Saugus California.  Let Chuy and Kevin know that you read about them online.  Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

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