Intentional Living Lecture In Lake Forest Park a Huge Success

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Tuesday evening, as part of the "Lighten the Load and Light Up the Future" project in Lake Forest Park, Piper Lauri Salogga of Natural Balance (Seattle), spoke to a group on "Peace and Vitality, Living Intentionally in Your Home."

The lecture was supposed to go from 7 to 8:30, but at 9:30 participants were still eagerly questioning Piper, whose sparkling intensity won her instant fans.  At that moment, for everyone in the room, the most important thing was to understand how our arrangement and choices in our homes are affecting our moods, energy, ability to move forward in life, in fact. The school custodian, however, was begging us to leave so he could close up, and a last few eager questioners gathered around Piper in the dark chilly parking lot, unwilling to let her go.

Explaining that "our surroundings have a powerful effect on us" Piper went on to teach us some of the basics of feng shui, including the bagua, a directional map that you can place over your home to find out which areas are connected strongly with various aspects of your life.  The ancient chinese energy management system includes the symbols of wood, metal, water, fire and air which need to be in balance for joyful and purposeful living.  If you find yourself in a career predicament, check the area of your house which strongly influences career, and you will, according to feng shui teaching, find that there is some rearranging to be done!  Color, type of material, symbols, all can have a negative or positive affect on how things are going in that area.

Piper Lauri Salogga maps participant's home
Piper Lauri Salogga maps participant's home

Natural Balance, Piper's business which addresses design and feng shui concerns in home and office, has been in existance for 11 years, although she has been working in the field longer.  A child of an architect and a landscape architect, Piper has been living in the world of design her entire life.  Her broad understanding of the principals of feng shui, which she calls the "magic door" to realizing your intentions in the world, was clear and inspiring.  We learned that feng shui is not about thinking about it (or not only) but about taking action, in the form of a focus point, symbol, or element you put into your environment to bring a certainn desired focus into your life.  By doing so you're "putting it out there" and there is story after story about how the universe responds to focused intention.

Some interesting and even funny stories came out of the evening from participants as well, including how when your fish keep dying it's a good idea to move them... but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  For those who would like to see the outline of the class please go to "homework" on Light Up the Future, our project website. 

And if you're in Seattle (or Lake Forest Park!), you might want to attend Piper and Sara's Sit and Sip event on 11/21, a home accessories exchange.  There are only 100 seats available so make your reservations qucikly!  The event takes place in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood center, a place I love to go for it's atmosphere of Seattle history, as it's an old three brick school with wooden floors and high ceilings!

Some classes Piper teaches (from her website)

  • Designing Your Perfect Retreat, One Room at a Time (Perfect Retreat Party)
  • OfficeShuiTM , practical powerful tips to create an inspiring and productive workspace
  • Your Perfect Retreat groups
  • Clearing the clutter, one corner at a time
  • 7 Steps to a harmonious environment (Intro to feng shui)
  • Intro to feng shui for architects and designers
  • Numerology, the story of your life

Most of the classes go for 2 hours with time for Q & A... but if last night is anything to judge by, they are going to go quite a lot longer than that if the participants have their way.

Thank you, Piper Lauri Salogga, for an inspiring and really useful evening.

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