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Services for Real Estate Pros with Mold Detection Services of South Florida


866.654.6653       or       305.571.2280

Mold Detection Services, Inc. of South Florida, will test or sample for mold in homes, apartments,
workplaces, commercial properties, boats, and anywhere else mold grows. Indoor Air Quality,
Bulk, Swab, Bio Tape and Environmental Sample results are generated with in 24 - 48 hours.

Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Indoor Environmentalist, utilizing the best equipment
available in the industry (Infrared Cameras, Laser Particle Counters, Etc.), will carry out every
inspection. We use only digital calibrated, custom made indoor air quality testing pumps to ensure
you receive only accurate results. Consequently, our clients will receive the highest quality service.
Our Inspection Services include a thorough inspection (utilizing Infrared Thermal Imaging, Laser
Particle Counts, Visual Observations) and follow-up Mold Testing (air samples, bulk, swabs and
glass slides),
 accompanied by an extensive report. In addition, we will be working with a nationally
accredited laboratory, dedicated to the production of accurate data, via high-quality equipment,
and staffed with professionals specialized in this field.

We will not be involved in the remediation of any mold problems, since this would be a Conflict
of Interest. We do offer Mold Consulting Services to help you through the remediation process
and to protect your interests. We offer Post Remediation Inspection and Testing to confirm the
remediation job has been done correctly.

Mold Detection Services will protect your interest. The South Florida Mold Company You Can Trust!

Call:    (305) 571.2280    or    (866) 654.6653(MOLD)