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How to kill a home loan

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How to kill a home loanThis MSN article is full of good stuff to know about what can mess up getting the financing in place to purchase a home.  Knowing and dealing with these issues is what you want in a lender. Realtors® can recommend the lenders they know can get the job done. Deb and I have several we work with and can recommend.

Here is the articles list of the 10 things that can kill a home loan. Follow the links to dig dipper into more detail about each of these.

•1.     The house needs too much work.

•2.    The appraisal came up short.

•3.    You have too much debt.

•4.    You're self-employed and your income has declined.

•5.    You recently started being paid on commission.

•6.    There's a problem with your tax returns.

•7.    You can't get private mortgage insurance.

•8.    The lender doesn't like your condo association's finances.

•9.    Your lender is dragging its heels.

•10.  You fail to stay on top of the paperwork.


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