Vista isnt that bad-Here how you tweak it good

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Well once i disable that annoying UAC the rest is down hill

Disable UAC on Windows Vista

Open up Control Panel, and type in “UAC” into the search box. You’ll see a link for “Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off”:

On the next screen you should uncheck the box for “Use User Account Control (UAC)”, and then click on the OK button.


You’ll need to reboot your computer before the changes take effect, but you should be all done with annoying prompts.


Then i can do the following:


We should note first that you can always get to the run dialog by just hitting Win + R on the keyboard, which is the simplest way to do so, and would probably be worth getting used to.

Otherwise, you can re-enable the run dialog by right-clicking on the Start Button, selecting Properties, and then clicking Customize on the ensuing dialog window.

You’ll be taken to the Customize Start Menu screen.

Check the “Run command” checkbox in the list, and you should now be in business:.

Note the addition of the Run… button.

and the finally

  1. From the Start menu, click All Programs and click Accessories.
  2. Click Run. A Run window (command prompt) appears.
  3. Type msconfig in the Open field and click OK.
  4. If Windows needs your permission to continue, click Continue. The System Configuration Utility opens.
  5. Click the General tab.

  6. Select the "Selective Startup" option.
  7. Deselect the "Load Startup Items" checkbox.

  8. Click the Startup tab.
  9. Select the "iTunes" and "QuickTime" checkboxes in the list.
  10. Click the Services tab.
  11. Make sure that "Hide All Microsoft Services" is selected.
  12. Click Disable All.

  13. Click OK.
  14. Click Restart. After restarting (and logging in to Windows), a message may appear stating that Windows has blocked startup programs and indicates the Blocked startup programs icon in the notification area (far right) of the taskbar. Click the message.

  15. Click the Blocked startup programs icon, select Run blocked program and select System Configuration Utility.

  16. If Windows needs your permission to continue, click Continue. A window appears confirming that "You have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes to the way Windows starts." Click OK. The System Configuration Utility appears. Do not click OK here as this will prompt you to restart again. First try to reproduce the issue you were having.

If following these steps resolves the issue, you may want to use the System Configuration Utility to turn on the third-party System Services and Startup Items one or a few at a time (restarting your computer after turning on the item or items) to identify which System Service or Startup Item is causing the conflict. You can turn all of them back on by selecting the Normal Startup option under the General tab of the System Configuration Utility window, but please note that this may cause the issue to recur.


Now i am free


Its good to be free in the Rain ))


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Quite a post to absorb.  I wonder if you might think about posting this in our speak. I am a mac guy as well as a pc and I am always looking for tools that make my work easier.  Thanks for being here and posting

Jan 27, 2010 08:23 AM