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We all know the importance of setting goals as a way to motivate ourselves to excel over the short term. We should set realistic short term goals that will lead us on a path that will eventually build into accomplishing the larger ones that at present may seem unachievable. Any motivational coach or teacher will tell you that setting realistic goals for yourself is a must in order to be able to solidify a concrete plan of attack and outline the small steps that will lead to the big accomplishments later down the road. It really is good advice and a must for all Realtors or anyone who engages in the practice of self motivation.

   But what is a realistic goal? Is it something that is relatively easily attainable or is it one that makes you strech a littie bit outside of your comfort zone and grow while accomplishing it? Does the size of the goal that you set for yourself depend solely on the ambition of the person setting it? Or is there is a standard by witch all goals should be set?

    As we approach the end of yet another year and our reflections on the accomplishments that we have achieved turns to projections for the future, shouldn't we also keep an eye on the big picture? How is it that you ultimately want to be remembered? I was prompted to reconsider this question this evening while praying over the sick bed of my 73 year old long time friend and neighbor who is about to die. I stood there holding hands in a circle with his wife and kids and my wife Elsa and thought first how Lucky he was to have so many people around him who loved and cared enough for him to cry at the thought of his passing. His name is Phillip Flores and he is a good man.He deserves all the love and attention that he is getting in his last days.

     The whole experience also made me realize that life really is short. You have to concentrate on the task at hand to realize any real progress towards your goals but isn't it also equally important to look up from your immediate focus and let the few people around you that really care know that you love and appreciate them? Don't get so focused on the success that you forget why you wanted to be successful in the first place? Take a few minutes each day and count your blessings. Everybody has something to be thankful for and they are truly a gift from God.

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David Mieth

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Sandra Scott
DPR Realty - Payson, AZ
REALTOR of Choice! Payson, Pine & Strawberry, AZ

Every day is indeed a gift.  I am profoundly thankful that I am an American, have a beautiful family and practice my chosed profession.

Oct 29, 2009 02:59 PM
David Mieth
Exit IH-10 Realty - San Antonio, TX

You are right Sandra, It sounds like you are truly blessed!!

Oct 29, 2009 03:04 PM