Are you familiar with IRC 7702?

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Thursday and Friday of this past week I was blessed to be in the company of about 80 professional men and women in Birmingham Alabama reviewing about this awesome biblical concept on money! 

It is so simple yet so MANY people do not even know about it!  The very institutions that you think are helping you when you apply for a car loan, person loan, credit card are putting this awesome concept to use and for some strange reason the same institution (BANKS) are taking advantage of this strategy in a HUGE way.  I am talking about the IRC 7702.

It is a private family banking plan that allows your family to build financial wealth at a GUARANTEED Rate of RETURN, TAX FREE and it is liquid (so you never have to WAIT to get the money).  Check out this web site and then order the book How To Become Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash.  Then if you like what you see call my husband Gordon Hillegas 706-766-1319, to start your Private Family Bank.

If EVERYONE in America did this one little strategy with their money NO one would be bankrupt or foreclosed on, it is impossible to lose with this system!!!!  Enjoy! 


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Jennifer Hillegas
Sign Your Deed Realty - Rome, GA
Every Seller Does It!


Yes the Pirates of Manhattan is a great book, I picked it up at the seminar that I went to in Alabama.   


Apr 19, 2008 01:45 PM