So You Have Heard The News…Some “House” Work Ahead

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

Oh how i love puns...but i may take this one a little too far so just let me know, lol!

1. (we are breaking this down numbered bullet point type)...You have got to have heard (especially if you follow us on Twitter that the senate and the "house" have approved and are int eh works of extending and expanding(very key) the home buyer tax credit. Not only to extend to into 2010 (April est.) but expand it to not just First-Time buyers but to "move-up" buyers as well($6500 proposed credit to them)! Opens a lot of doors of people to take advantage of the glutton of deals in the myrtle beach market!

2. Sellers, are you ready? I mean with a new avenue of buyers heading intot he market to take advantage of FREE money, is your property ready to sell? Need an opinion, trus tthe Experts at Eagle Realty...we can let you know what kind of "house work" might be ahead of you to make sure your property is prime for showings to potential buyers coming into the market in the months ahead.

3. Did i mention i have some "house work" (final pun i promise) this weekend, in fact today. Yes as much i love helping my clients buy and sell homes, i need not neglect my own home. Some painting, caulking, cleaning...the usual house work (oops one more).

Have a great weekend and see you in Nov! (stay tuned for the monthly marketing report "Eagle Eye on the Carolina's" coming out tomorrow via email!

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