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Everybody might've loved Raymond, but every agent seems to hate short sales, RIGHT?-everybody but  me!

Are you a glutton for punishment? Do you have no life? Do you love working for oh, about a year and NOT GETTING PAID FOR IT? I just described YOU, the agent trying to sell their short sale! But, don't lose hope, help is on its way-in fact, it just arrived. "Hi! My name is Bob, and I close short sales and get agents paid." "Hi Bob."

No, you haven't stumbled into a short sale anonymous meeting --you won't find any cold coffee and stale cigarette smoke here. What you WILL find is a solution to getting your short sales closed. So, sit back, relax and get ready to put a smile back on your face!

Let's do a quick comparison: we'll take an honest look at some of the joys of the short sale process, after which I will present you with my offer!

                               Item                                                                                      You                                     ME

•·        Thoroughly Explain Short Sale Process in Detail To Your Seller              Yeah, right . . .                   YES!

•·        Thoroughly Understand The Short Sale Process Yourself                     Are you kidding?                  YES!

•·       Experienced Negotiator                                                                 Unlikely                             YES!

•·        Know How To Get Direct Access To Bank Decision Makers                  More Unlikely                       YES!

•·        Know What To Say IF You GET Access To Decision Makers                 Even MORE Unlikely               YES!

•·        Have A Complete Short Sale Pak Prepared For Submission                  Uh . .well . .                        YES!

•·        Constantly Updated on Bank and Government Regulations                  Checkbook balanced?             YES!      

•·        Average Time To Close (IF it closes-75% don't)                               160 Days                             105!

•·        BPO's, REO's, UFO's, EIEIO's-                                                         HELP!                                  YES!

•·        Haven't seen your family in weeks! (*I'm single .. . .)                       I'm sorry . . .                        YES!

•·        Enjoy spending hours on hold-SERIOUSLY! HOURS!                            NO!                                      NO!


Are you starting to get the picture? Did you realize that approximately 75% of all short sales never close and end up as REO's-which means that you worked and spent money and ended up with nothing to show for your efforts. What about your clients? Foreclosures are worse on their credit ratings than short sales. 


I have combined my own experiences (there have been many) in the short sale arena with a specialist and his team, partnering to provide you with not only a much better chance of closing (we're batting around 85%), but maybe even more importantly, giving you back your time and providing your clients with the service they deserve.


Now for my offer!


Refer your short sale with complete confidence to me-turnkey, I'll do everything-lockbox, sign, the whole nine yards; and I'll pay you a 30% referral fee. This is like found money for you. Do you already have a short sale listing that is dead in the water? I will charge you 1% of the selling price for making sure that your file is not only submitted to the bank, but that it won't get kicked back because there are things missing, etc. I will also co-babysit it, be available for consultation with offers and help you guide it through to closing.


Either way, you have everything to gain-call or email me today and let's see if we can work together so that everybody wins. I service King and Snohomish counties.


Bob Sluys-October 30, 2009



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