Haunted Maine Homes...Think It Adds To The Value And Remember Casper Was Friendly.

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Haunted houses in Maine or anywhere.

Disclosure of past events, rumors, stories about a place andstephen king bangor me home,west broadway bangor maine house obligation to spin a tail, share the news and maybe in some cases capitalize on the local colorful history of a home.

     This is Stephen King's home on West Broadway, Bangor Maine. Do you think he and Tabitha would have liked it more if it was haunted?

     Do you think it could be and is that always a bad thing if you are a horror writer with a terrific imagination and writing skill?

Maybe a living in a Bangor Maine haunted home would help the imagination, the creativity for another horror novel or book.

Inspiration for material if you did live in a haunted home. What kind of treats await behind the bat front gate at the Stephen King Bangor Maine home and how many trick or treaters do you think they will get, plan for here? Happy Halloween.

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