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OK, so yes I was the typical newbie agent..."ooh, this looks good", so I bought it.  "Ooh, that looks as though it might work", so I bought it.  "It" was a number of items I thought might help make my marketing better, but either they were (1) worthless (which I didn't realize until after I purchased)or (2) I didn't now how to work it and don't have the patience to figure out how or (3) good but more expensive than I needed to pay right now. 

My focus right now is on (3).  I learned the hard way to avoid the (1) and (2) items.

So I am asking for advice.  I use a newsletter right now which is perfectly wonderful, but far from cost effective for farming.  I have gotten feedback from several of my recipients who say they prefer to get the newsletters than just some card with an agent's picture or how many houses they have sold.  So that made me feel as though I'm going in the right direction.  But I need some suggestions on what letter to change to--I'm looking for a 2 or 4 page newsletter that I can customize if necessary, use my OWN branding colors, download, print off and mail myself. I just need them to have the text/graphics prepared. Does such a company even exist?  And even though I have mailing service with my current newsletter, I have enough help in my house to get out a mailing at a lot less--and they do EXCELLENT work. Any ideas? HELP!  

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