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Being a professional, and I suppose a bit of a perfectionist, it makes me crazy that I can go into my local MLS system and find listings where the agent has neglected to put adequate photos (or, for that matter any photos) into the listing.

We are in the digital age. A digital camera, camera phone, or some other means to capture a likeness of the property in question is a mandatory tool of the trade! We hear daily that the world is now using the internet to ‘shop' for a home. If there are no pictures, or inadequate representation by pictures, how do they expect the property to sell?

I've gone and taken pictures of a property to send via email to a buyer client, and I'll do that as needed, but let's face it, that's not my job, it's the lister's job! Am I wrong to expect the listing agent to provide all the necessary information to sell a house? It's just like the people who think >> If I don't put the living space/square feet in the listing (for a small house) I can trick people into buying a small house! >> What's That!!!?

Let's all do the right thing. Let's ensure that we are indispensable to the real estate transaction. Sloppy work will result in the finance officers, bankers, and lawyers taking over the business. Is that what we want? I think not.

We should have pictures of our listings at our fingertips, like the one here...

                      One of mine

...everyone should have ready access to their property photos and use them in email and other discussions about the property.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. A virtual tour speaks volumes...



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