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Ever since Senator Reid's office announced that the Senate would be extending and enhancing the 1st Time Homebuyers Credit, there has been much less "buzz" around stating the urgency of doing that. My fear is that we are being lulled into apathy and the "it's going to happen" mode, while politicians play typical political games. The present credit is scheduled to expire November 30th, and we are already entering into the traditional slow season for real estate (just what we need on top of the present real estate reality). The market and the economy needs further jump starting, and this credit is one of the few government stimuli out there that goes directly to the American consumer. Remember that a healthy real estate market not only helps realtors, buyers and sellers, buit also helps mortgage brokers and banks, building trades including laborers and suppliers, builders, rtc. This credit is an example of the "trickle up" theory at it's best!
Realtors, bankers, homeowners, homebuyers, consumers, building trades, etc. must contact their representatives and senators, and let then know, that we want and need action NOW! Every day without this extention in place hurts the marketplace.
This extension should be a "no-brainer." Unfortunately, many politicians are just that - - politicians who are constantly running, instead of statesman who are governing. Tell your politicians that we want and need statesman NOW, and we will demonstrate that at the polls. This is NOT a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal issue - - this is an issue of helping to repair and mend our economy. Tell them all to do it NOW!

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