Are you in a committed relationship?

Mortgage and Lending with Zenith Mortgage Advisors NMLS# 5016

I think everyone can agree that the real estate landscape looks different today than it did two years ago. 

In 2007 there were an estimated 14,000 mortgage professionals practicing in the state of Massachusetts.  In 2008, the number of licensees was estimated around 6500.  Today, the number stands under 2000.  While I recognize that some of these people may have gone to banks, which don't require licenses be held, there has still been a massive exodus from the business.

This question is primarily directed towards realtors.  Are you loyal to your lenders?  Do you work to switch every borrower to your mortgage professional?   If not, you're missing a huge opportunity.   I worked diligently to make my realtors look better,  and do more business in less time.  Any lender who's been able to weather the storm most likely has similar values.

The most successful and lasting relationships are ones which are mutually beneficial.   While that statement may seem obvious, many people seem to miss that point.  Don't let your lender lose deals to Internet mortgage companies.  There's a strong likelihood that you'll lose the deal to because the company doesn't know the local market,  the newest guidelines or the newly implemented state laws.

Stand by your lender, and they'll stand by you.