It's a Good Day for a Bargain!!

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Another day, another bargain!   We all love a good bargain.  And most of us can appreciate good design.  Is it possible to have both?  Absolutely!  Especially today.  Many retailers are slashing prices to move inventory.  And great finds of previously-owned furniture are plentiful.  Personally, I like to mix well-made new pieces with interesting flea market finds.  Too many new items and you lack interest.  Too many old items and you become the flea market. 

I will, however, let you in on a little secret: Over my many years in design, I have learned that you can find high end, new furniture pieces at resale shops such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army stores.  Of course, this can be hit or miss and you never know what you might find.  For example, while looking for an interesting lamp, I stumbled upon a brand new Taylor King sofa in a Habitat for Humanity Store.  I saw the heavily patterned sofa, surrounded by what appeared to be a heavenly glow, sitting in the corner.  After lifting the seat cushions (This is where you find the brand label and check for debris) I recognized that this was a good as new, American built, high-end custom sofa with expensive fabric, down seat cushions and exactly the right colors.  This sofa may  have retailed for over $3,000, but I paid $275, supported a great cause and rec'd a small tax deduction.  Of all the pieces in my home today, this sofa is my favorite. 

Sometimes great finds are not especially valuable.  But they can be a lot of fun!  My husband is still not a fan of a pair of chairs that I found at a consignment shop several years ago.  I love them.  They are a pair of very ornate French Empire reproductions from the 1920's.  Black frame, original fabric and heavily gilded swans on each side.  They are "King Tut meets Donald Trump."  Did I mention that I love them?  They are the perfect foil for the otherwise traditional living room.  Every room needs a little drama, and these chairs are just that.

Sometimes you just need a little vision.  An old walnut bow-front vanity, in much need of repair, will eventually become a hot pink lacquered dressing table for my teenage daughter.  Paired with a new Lucite chair and a wall hung mirror she will have the perfect teen version of classic cool.  I haven't started the painting yet, but when I do, I'll give you a play by play and you can let me know what you think!

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