Newark to propose Stormwater Utility Fee

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City of Newark E-news: Important Community Meeting on November 16

Stormwater Utility Proposal Community Meeting

The City of Newark owns and maintains a complex stormwater system in the Christina River and White Clay Creek watersheds including 60 miles of sewers, 200 miles of curbs and gutter, 3000 catch basins, 36 stormwater management areas, and 500 floodplain acres along 10 stream miles. To fund stormwater, water quality, watershed, and floodplain programs, the City of Newark proposed 2010 budget recommends adopting a stormwater utility fee.  Over 600 towns in the United States already have stormwater utilities including the college towns of Burlington, VT; Chapel Hill, NC; Palo Alto, CA, and Ft. Collins, CO.

The stormwater utility fee will affect residences, businesses, and nonprofits including  schools and churches. There is a community meeting scheduled to better inform the community of what a stormwater utility is and what it means for the community. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 16that 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber located at 220 Elkton Road. For more information, please go to

Dana Johnston | Community Affairs Officer
City of Newark | 220 Elkton Road | Newark, DE 19711
tel 302 366 7020 | fax 302 366-7160

For the most up-to-date City information visit  This post was issued through Newark Enews.