I Have No Where to Turn - Need Web 2.0 Help!

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty Puget Sound #1944


There has been a lot written about Web 2.0 and the need for agents to embrace the new medium.  I agree agents need to keep pace with the technology as the opportunities are endless.

In my view, it seems a lot of the web vendors who simply want to separate money from agents' pockets, have not kept up with the technology.  Though I have noticed a few are trying to implement new platforms.  I just haven't found anything that "Wows" me.

Nonetheless, I am wondering if the AR community can recommend some cutting edge, reliable vendor(s) who understand Web 2.0 (integrating blogging, social media, etc.) and who serve real estate agents.  I have been working on making some changes and could use some input and help.

Thank you,

Brian Manaois (Ma-NOW-is)




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