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Evening all,

Just sitting here at the computer in my bunny slippers thinking about all these people also sitting at their computers right now  typing in their blogs and how I have to now choose which of the many blogs I should read and who I should respond to...oh and what about those other blog groups I'm supposed to check out and then there are these people who have 80 kabillion points as their stats and then there are people who write a blog each and every day and, and, and..WAIT!!! HOLD EVERYTHING!!!!

THIS BLOGGING STUFF could get out of control. All this blogging is hard work. HOW DO PEOPLE FIGURE OUT WHICH ONES TO READ? There are SO MANY!!! AND they just KEEP ON COMING down the line!!! It is like that video game where the bartender has to serve the people who are crowding the bar and the people keep multiplying and then he starts messing up and the beers start falling everywhere...isn't life already complicated enough...? Don't we multi-task enough?  Have you ever played tetris? I really love that game but more and more it makes me think that life is so much like that game. It starts out slow and you are thinking...no problem I can do this...and then things really speed up...and then we can see who really knows how to play!!!

Don't get me wrong I love the web, computers, cell phones, Ipods, Blackberries and PDAs and email and this blog stuff is pretty cool too. BUT sometimes I think getting back to the basics is really refreshing. Like actually writing and sending a thank you note the old fashioned way...

I was also thinking that writing your thoughts out loud is kind of gutsy in a way..because once you write something it is OUT THERE and you can not take it back. That is kind of scary especially if you had a bad day.

It is overwhelming to think about the number of people on this site who are actively blogging...truly incredible and a little mind blowing.  (and no I'm not smoking anything)  : )




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Karen Dembsky
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Atlanta Home Staging
I often think about "the time" -- not so much reading, but yes, writing something worth reading takes Time!  Good post!
Jun 25, 2007 04:28 PM