Success on the Tax Credit extension/expansion

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Jim Slaughter, REALTORS

I just received this from the National Association of REALTORS.

Victory! Congress passes homebuyer tax credit. Thank you for your help in mobilizing your agents and making this happen! Please pass the message on to your agents and tell them that their participation made the difference.

The Senate and House voted in favor of extending the first-time homebuyer tax credit. As you know, the legislation extends, through April 30, an $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit and creates a new $6,500 credit for homebuyers who have been in their current residence for the last five years or more.

The Senate unanimously voted Wednesday night (98-0). The House just passed the bill this afternoon (403-12).

President Obama is expected to sign the legislation tomorrow, Friday, November 6.


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