What you need to know to streamline your FHA loan

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       If you have an FHA mortgage and you are considering streamlining, Here is what you need to know

1. You ALWAYS want to close at the end of the month! When you payoff an traditional loan, you will only pay interest for the amount of days that you actually have the loan.  Example: Your loan funds on 11/2 , you would pay 2 days of interest to your old lender and 28 days interest to your new lender for a total of 30 days interest. On an FHA loan, you have to pay a full 30 days interest to your old lender. The result would be that you would pay 58 days of interest for 1 month! On a $300,000 loan that would be over $1100 in wasted money. ALWAYS CLOSE AT THE END OF THE MONTH!


2. Don't be fooled by "NO COST Streamlines"!  While no cost FHA streamlines do in fact exist, make sure that is what you are getting. Just because you are not required to bring cash to the table, does not mean that your loan is NO COST.


3. Most lenders require a credit score. Prior to March of this year, lenders were not requiring credit scores for FHA streamline refinances. Today, 95% of lenders require a score of 620. I do still have lenders that will allow no credit score streamlines, but they will question the overall credit worthiness.


4. FHA streamline guidelines are changing on 11/18/2009. While most changes are minor; there are two big changes. 1. the maximum loan amount will now be your payoff MINUS your mortgage insurance refund. This will make streamlines with zero cash out of pocket very difficult to attain. I highly reccomend starting the streamline process prior to 11/18. 2. Borrowers will have had to have made at least 6 payments prior to streamlining. If you purchased a home in the past 6 months and have a rate 5.5% or higher, call me today!


5. Work with a lender that you can trust. I am an expert in FHA mortgages.

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