Can A Home Seller Be Too Aggressive In Todays Real Estate Market?

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Selling a home can be quite a task in todays real estate market.  With short sale negotiations, picky buyers and seemingly endless competition from other homes, it's easy to lose steam in the sales process.

Please don't forget, as a sellers agent, you are on the offensive team!  Now is the time to turn it on!

I only bring this up to share with you an approach you may not have thought of, and you might not think is appropriate at all.

When buyers agents show your home or listing, do you send them an offer in writing from the Seller?

In real estate transactions, "mutual consent" or "mutual acceptance" of a purchase and sale agreement is achieved through the process of offer and acceptance.  Generally, the offer is made by the buyer to the seller.  Also, it is common for a counter offer from the seller and maybe even a little more back and forth before an agreement is "mutually accepted" by both parties. 

My question to you is, why is it not more common for the seller to be the first to put pen to paper and make an offer to the buyer?  What's the worst that can happen?  The buyer will flat out refuse the offer without making a counter?  You chase the buyer away because they are so offended by your high offer?  Your offer may be high, but doesn't the buyers agent have a legal obligation to present all written offers to the buyer? I don't know if that part is true or not, but isn't this all starting to sound familiar?  It's starting to sound like selling real estate.

Really, if a qualified buyer comes through your listing, rather then waiting, hoping they will send you an offer, couldn't you use that time to write them an offer?  Don't you owe that to your seller?  At the end of the day, if you've given it a shot and didn't get a deal, what have you lost? Nothing!

Do you think this is a good approach, or a bad idea?  Are you willing to test it on your most recent qualified showing?

Are your sellers even motivated enough to be this aggressive?
Better yet, are you?

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The offer is already on the table from  the seller . .it's the asking price 

it is up to the buyer to accept it and write it or counter offer at a lower offer. 

Nov 05, 2009 09:25 PM