OMG - Insulating the Attic with Blow Insulation

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Living in Canada, on the west coast, it is starting to be that time of year where the heat goes out the holes, cracks, doors, windows, etc. if you live in an old house.  So, what better time than to start thinking about blowing in some insulation to help lower our Carbon-Footprint and lower our energy costs.

Well, that was one of our projects, this week.  So, we started yesterday, at 3:00 p.m. mind you, because we finally figured out the correct amount and had to go back to buy 40 more bags, meaning that now we have 66 bags and a blowing machine.

I wanted to use Owens Corning with the Atticat machine, it all looked so clean and easy, it was not available and you could not find it anywhere.  So Home Depot and Rona won out.

What a messy job.  They said to wear goggles and a mask,  but truly for the 2k we are saving, it would have been better to just have it done by the pros if I could have afforded it.

We had some good laughs looking at each other after doing the first half, we looked like little dirty (because the product is gray) snowmen, covered from head to toe in stuff.  Oh and for anyone out there, the breathing masks need to be replaced every couple of hours.  Yuk, what a nasty job.  Oh, and breathing that stuff. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

But we have 1/4 of it completed, we know how it works now, and we should be finished today.  Thank goodness.

Hopefully it is going to be really toasty in here.

Have a good day, I will report in with pictures when I am finished.


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Guy Thomas
WR Starkey Mortgage - Colorado Springs, CO

What a job, Pia.  I always love those short projects that end up taking days. good luck finishing up today.

Nov 06, 2009 12:10 AM
Joel Prince
The Principle Group, Inc - Hixson, TN
Hixson/Soddy Real Estate Broker

Pia -

Thanks for your post.  Blown insulation is a pain (sweating in gloves, goggles, and mask).  But, I agree, it is worth it.

Nov 06, 2009 12:29 AM
Barbara Michaluk
Weichert Realtors | Silver Spring, MD Phone Direct 240-506-2434 - Silver Spring, MD
Leisure World Specialist / Full Service REALTOR

Pia, wow that sounds like quite a job to put in insulation but hopefully you will reap the rewards of your hard work over the winter.  I expect in BC you will need it this winter.

Nov 06, 2009 01:04 AM
Tim Bradley
Contour Investment Properties - Jackson Hole, WY
Commercial Real Estate Expert in Jackson Hole, WY

Good for you! I've remodeled a few houses and I agree - pay a professional if you can afford it.

Nov 06, 2009 02:01 AM