Shopping for Lowest Mortgage Rates in Atlanta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Georgia

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Shopping for Lowest Mortgage Rates in Atlanta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Georgia

Shopping for the best mortgage with the lowest rate in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Marietta is easy. Just ask yourself one simple question. "Who asked me the most questions?" A qualified, reliable, professional loan officer will not quote you a rate without assessing all of the particulars of your situation. There are no less than 10 questions to answer to be able to give you an accurate and "real" quote for your particular situation. If it sounds like I am trying to make it hard for you to get a mortgage I am not. I am making it easy for you to show up at the closing table with the low mortgage rate you were promised. How do you get the lowest interest rate? Make sure your loan officer has asked you these questions:

> Purchase or refinance.
> Owner occupied, second home, investment.
> Value of home versus loan amount required.
> Amount of cash for down payment and/or reserves.
> Credit history (bankruptcy, foreclosure, collections, late payments) and credit scores.
> Type of employment (self employed-wage earner.)
> Type of pay (Hourly-salary-commission, W2 or 1099)
> Length of time at current job and past history for two years.
> Can you verify rent or mortgage for last 2 years.
> How long have you owned the home (refinance.)

Why would I say the answers to these questions are essential in shopping for the lowest mortgage rates? Because these are the questions the underwriter is going to ask on every mortgage application to decide if you are qualified for the rate you have been quoted. Don't listen to ads on the radio that spout out "rates that sound to good to be true." It's called "Bait and Switch."

Talk to a mortgage professional and do your homework. Someone who quotes you a rate in thirty seconds is either - A Crook who will bait and switch you, a mortgage "newbie" who doesn't know the business, or someone who gets paid a salary to take phone calls - not close loans. We are here to help.

Now you have solved the mortgage mystery of how to shop for the lowest interest rate on a mortgage. Call or email today for your real, firm, reliable interest rate quote. Go to or call 404 316 5650

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