Does Tuesday Have a “Feel”?

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For all you Seinfeld fans out there you might recall an episode where Kramer and Newman get into a somewhat heated discussion about how certain days of the week have no "feel" while other days do. Newman argues that Tuesday has no feel while Monday and Friday definitely do.

Tuesday has no feeling

Although it made for a very humorous exchange in the show, there happens to be a lot of truth to this. Sundays feel different from Wednesdays and Fridays feel different than Mondays. Each day has a unique "feel" that can influence both our productivity and effectiveness.

As real estate professionals our work week tends to be less structured than that of many other professions. We do not have set hours that we need to be in the office. We work weekends, nights, holidays and whenever duty calls. This tends to damper the "feel" that certain days of the week have on us; which, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on productivity for both ourselves and our clients.

To compensate for the inherent problem associated with the profession I've adopted what a like to call my, Monday and Friday "feel" days. Every Monday I wake up and develop my plan for the week and decide what I want to accomplish and what I need to do to get it done. I work on achieving my objectives through the week. When Friday arrives I then take the time to look back on the week and evaluate whether or not my goals were met.

Motivational experts universally recommend writing down goals and setting realistic time frames for them to be accomplished. My Monday and Friday "feel" day method has helped me stay on course and get things done that I might have put off indefinitely. It provides structure to an otherwise haphazard work schedule and helps me stay focused.

As I am writing this I must note that today is Friday; and Friday, for me, still has a "feel"!

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