Is Keller Williams Realty right for you?

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Each and every day, I meet with Realtors to discuss the market, the challenges they face, the tools they need, the opportunities they face.  My approach with these agents is to be a resource for them, to answer questions, coach and consult them, be a sounding board, and help them as much as I can.  Many of these agents are already with Keller Williams Realty, though a fair number are not with us.  My approach with the agents from other companies is to be a friend first.  Keller Williams Realty is not always a match for another agent, and that's okay.

Agents typically join Keller Williams Realty for our education and training... we are very well known for teaching classes that support the models in Gary Keller's best-selling book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  This book is phenomenal.  If you do not yet have a copy, run to Borders or Barnes and Noble and get your hands on it immediately--or call me and I will get you a copy right away!

Agents stay with Keller Williams Realty because of our culture.  We call it the WI4C2TS (why four cee two tees).

The Keller Williams Realty

Belief System


Win-Win or no deal

Integrity do the right thing

Commitment in all things

Communication seek first to understand

Creativity ideas before results

Customers always come first

Teamwork together everyone achieves more

Trust starts with honesty

Success results through people



If I can answer the questions that an agent may have, I can grow in relationship with them, help them make smart business decisions, watch their career take flight... that's a great reward.  If they determine that KW is the right environment, all the better for us!

If you'd like to learn more about KW in Tampa Bay, visit or call me and we'll grab a cup of coffee and talk: 813-830-8008.

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