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Once again I have reached to the top of the Google Mountain

Real Estate Agent with Exit Realty Lyon

Well.... I have done it again with one of my web site domains. Reaching #1 page ranking in Google. I did it before with my other domains years ago. It was a webmaster information page. I dropped that domain years ago when I got deface hacked and everything imaginable. Plus I revamped when I got into Real Estate with a concentration of internet marketing with relevance toward Real Estate. When I set up www.jprealestate.info my first real estate domain it shot to the top and had a PR of 2! Sometimes I wonder if PR really matters in regards to Rank in the SERP's. With my excitement I posted it in this blog and also the link. Not sure what happened.. maybe the Google gods got miffed. The site got sandboxed and dropped from the page. For a time I was competing with my local Real Estate web sites with that domain. Getting plenty of web traffic. No convertible leads but at list plenty of lookers.

I was at a loss why it got sand boxed and dropped from the indexing. So I just kept moving setting up my other domains. Knowing that back linking and cross linking them would help because of relevance and content. Next came.. www.compareyourproperty.com www.jamependleton.info and www.mobilealabamarealestate.net The recruiting website took off immediate and got indexed in a matter of days. The recruiting website... my name sake got indexed just as quickly.. the search website got index due to it being a multi page nuke site. mobilealabamarealestate was dropped for a time do to expense constraints but is now back with new mambo layout and functionality.

As I was checking for indexing on all my sites and key word relevance with searches I typed in Compare Your Property. A 3 word search is significant and very hard to rank with. Even more so with a two or one word search. To my surprise my sit popped up #1 out of 13 million pages! How long will it last? I don't have a clue. I am treading lightly this time with no posted links in the blog post back to Google. Only links of the current domains so the Robots will pick them up in this post. I have also made sure I have extensive cross linking between all of the domains. As of now all my domains are indexed and even www.jprealestate.com is listed in the elusive DMOZ Directory.

What next...? Sit back and watch the change for indexing and ranking with the hope my other domains will rank with relevant keywords in order to compete with the other top ranked web site in my area of Mobile Alabama. I know for sure top ranking means web sit traffic and web site traffic mean potential conversions for business. Which is still possible even in today's market. Plus web site can prospect for you while you do other things. I have one of the Best hosts on the internet ... Blue Host. My new Blog networks are off the chain but new and unused. BuddyPress installations located at http://jamespendleton.info/realtor_profiles/register/ and http://www.jprealestate.info/Agent_Articles/ . Any Agent or others interested in starting another blog can sign up and run a blog. I am also looking for potential admins for these systems to help them grow.

My web saga continues..... now 3 years of Real Estate Related web sites built by my own hand

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License Retired
Lebanon, TN

Congratulations!! Do you do your own SEO or farm it out?

Nov 08, 2009 12:12 AM
James Pendleton
Exit Realty Lyon - Mobile, AL

Hey Steve!

Yep I do my own SEO.. I am a X (xerox) Tech of 25 years and started out many moons ago. If I knew then what I knew now I would probably already be rich.. because the 1000's of ways to make money online now have been done to death and are now over saturated gone with the .com boon and bust! But yeah .. I have done so much I know SEO its really not hard... but at the same time it is still very mysterious. Almost impossible to put a finger on what really works and what give the best results. After all the years no real answer. But I think that is by design because all the major search engines always change the algorithms so people can't cheat. So actually a in stone answer for SEO does not exist. If anyone tells you there is don't believe it. I had search links for Goggle when it first came online. Wish I would have bought some stock! hahahahaha. I used to do SEO for a few people but never really as online business. I was more into helping other for free sharing my knowledge. That was what I did for years with one of my domains I talked about in my posted. I got tired of repairing it from all the hacks and defacing. If you can make changes in your web site yourself or have easy access to changes via your webmaster I'll be glad to share with you what I know. Also a link exchange on the front page will immediatly boost your site! Just email me direct.

Nov 08, 2009 12:30 AM