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A basic understanding of human psychology and social dynamics will help you to understand what is happening in the economic world today. In a nutshell: people are quick to lose their confidence and slow to regain it... that is why markets crash so rapidly and grow so slowly. This basic information should help you to piece an understanding of what is happening around you.


People are easily scared and can be incited to panic through fear tactics. This is why most of the conservatve media and political machine are giving you worst case scenarios, this will keep recovery slow because of fear and in turn make the current administration look bad.


This is counter-productive to the recovery of our economy. It is our job as Real Estate professionals to not incite panic but show people that with a proper dose of positivity we can succeed! If you are a false harbinger of bad news you are a terrorist to the American way of life. This country was built on dreams and a can do attitude and will destroyed by the haters of a united states and home to all.