Houston Bay Area: Community Theatre: The Biggest Li'l Theatre in Texas!

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DoOpening doors to entertainment in Houston Texas you find you enjoy local area entertainment mainly when you have out-of-town guests? This year we had a succession of family and friends visit us within a short period of time. Activities were planned, and we wanted to enjoy ourselves along with our guests. We did not want to do the same things for all three groups of visitors. Consequently, a door was opened to new possibilities and we discovered The College of the Mainland's Community Theatre in Texas City, Texas. This venue is easy driving distance to virtually anywhere in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas.


The stage is the actual ground floor, with seats surrounding the stage on three sides, ascending up to the walls. Actors enter the stage from the two side doors, and also from back stage on the fourth side of the stage. It is a small and intimate theatre, you will find any seat has a good view.

The two productions we have seen were very different but we enjoyed them both. The costumes in Henry V were a comHalloween Theatre Performancebination of contemporary street dress and period costume interpretations, and complemented the ambitious and complicated story telling of the play itself.

We attended The Woman in Black on Halloween, appropriate since it is about a haunting. There were two actors listed in the program, and an apparition who was not mentioned but did appear on occasion. (or did she . . . ?) We became increasingly engrossed with each successive scene, wondering what would happen next. Few props are needed to tell a good story.

The Community Theatre at College of the Mainland presents plays from September to May, during the college school year. The actors are cast from open auditions, and anyone can try out. The high quality of the performances from these volunteer actors I have to assume comes from a love of what they are doing. Professional directors and designers are involved as well as the community actors.

Prices are very reasonable, parking is free, and season subscriptions are available. Next time you have out of town guests and you want to share something new with them give it a try. If not sooner!

College of the Mainland Community Theatre

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