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West Vancouver Real Estate, Homes For Sale...Receive Your Free Market Snapshot Report...
          The Latest Technology To Help In Your Search For Your New Home

Short of helping you buy or sell a property, the best service I can provide, especially in today’s shifting economic climate, is a
monthly snapshot on your investment!

What are home values in your neighbourhood?

What’s happening to home values in your neighbourhood?

What have your neighbour’s homes sold for lately?

I have a new service to offer and I have set you up to receive a Market Snapshot that will arrive every 4 weeks via email.  If you
want, I can follow up with a phone call to explain the details of the Snapshot but in advance I want to point out the following.  The
map has several options; road, aerial and bird’s eye views!  
Check the bird’s eye view and see your backyard or your
neighbor’s backyard!
 Initially, you will see 10 listings identified by green (Active Listings) or red flags (Homes that have Sold).  
Hover your mouse over any of the listings and a pop up box with a picture of the home will appear.  Within the pop up is a link;
click to view details.

This will give you detailed information on that particular home such as the asking price, selling price, days on market, property
features and comments!

Underneath the map is a list of up to 100 active and sold listings,.  By clicking any of the homes on the list, you will notice that the
map expands beyond the initial 10 listings for a broader visual list of inventory.  Above the graphs on the right is a drop down list
that allows you to see inventory based on the last three months which is the default, the last thirty days or the last week!  Below
the drop down list are several statistical graphs showing; asking and sold prices, asking vs. sold prices, time on market, and
inventory stats.

The Snapshot shows homes that are similar in number of bedrooms and bathrooms to yours so not every home for sale or sold
will appear.   If for some reason a home of interest is not found, please utilize any of the contact me options found in the
Snapshot and I will be more than happy to get you the information!

As mentioned I will follow up to discuss further but wanted to provide some explanation in advance of my call, that said, please do
not hesitate to call me as well!


I am sure you will find the  Market Snapshot to be of value.  I have had tremendous response to this service so far!  Who doesn’t want to know how much
the neighbor is asking, or how much their house sold for?
Despite what the headlines may say, the values and level of activity are very different when you talk
about specific areas of interest.  The city as a whole may be identified on the evening news in such a way that is not necessarily true for your immediate neighborhood!

You may have noticed that the homes in the market Snapshot have some similarities to yours and some may not compare much at all?  Just like the Dow Jones stock
market snapshot as an example which is made up of a number of stocks from various sectors, the temperature of the market as a whole is displayed through a
consolidation of the various companies.  This is the same for the Snapshot I have provided to you. Trend data from a consolidation of surrounding homes formulates
the report.  It is interesting to know what homes of various styles, shapes and sizes are selling for and how long they take to sell compared to others?

If there is anything you need beyond what is found in the Market Snapshot, please do not hesitate to reach out!  If anyone you know would also like to receive a
Market Snapshot, just forward my signature at the bottom of this email and they can sign themselves up or pass on their information and I would be happy to set them
up as well.
Thank you for your continued support and referrals!

One of the aspects of the Market Snapshot I would like to point out is the Community and School information.  This comes on both the home owner and
buyer Snapshots but is most beneficial for buyers looking in areas of interest!  The community information allows you to see amenities from a 1-5 mile radius via a
drop down list.  
The community characteristics offered are; population, household stats, house ownership stats, transportation, income, employment, net worth,
cost of living and climate!   The school information allows you to compare schools from a radius between 1-10 miles, both public and private!  If there is an area of
interest to you locally in addition to your current home that you would like a Snapshot for, please let me know as I can provide multiple Snapshots to you.

Traditionally, Realtors have been great suppliers of recipes and notepads but in today’s shifting economic climate,
  the information found in the Market Snapshot is more relevant to what I do and what I can provide to you of real value!  

As mentioned before, please feel free to forward my email signature found at the bottom to anyone you think might also want an update on local real estate trends and they will be directed to sign up – likewise, I am happy to set them up as well.

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