Helen Ga Real Estate " Fall, I Can't Believe I Missed It"!

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Driving home yesterday, I happened to look up at the mountains surrounding Skitts Mountain Road in Cleveland Georgia and all of a sudden it hit me, I missed Fall in the north Georgia mountains.  For the first time in 20 years, I missed Fall.  Yes, it can happen.  How many of you missed Fall?  I realized last night in the dark, sweeping off the tons of leaves which covered my deck and walkway to the Chattahoochee River, I had truly missed seeing all these leaves in their splendor BEFORE they fell to my deck in a dismal brown layer, rapidly decomposing thanks to all the rain we have experienced in the past weeks.  For some reason this year we have had unseasonably cold nights, not enough time to sit outside and look at the stars and smell the fire pit with a nice glass of wine.  What happened?  Life happened.  Events which demanded more of my time than did the splendor of fall.  Days inside institutions, nights racing home only to go back again in the mornings.  Worries about tests, change of lifestyle, facing mortality, all these deminish abilities to enjoy even the most majestical star laden sky.  Sadness and love are two sides of the same coin.  How the coin toss turns out determines when and if you appreciate the events of the seasons.  Stop, smell the roses.  Move to the mountains, do it now.  Time waits for no man nor woman, and yes it can happen..you can miss Fall.  An extra hug to you all.

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