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Where are we headed from here?


This real estate market continues to confuse and perplex.  One day I am so busy that I do not have time to eat lunch.  The next, nobody calls, and my outgoing marketing efforts meet with deaf ears.  One day I am encouraged by a drop in rates that should create refinance opportunities, the next day I am met with lending guidelines that are more restrictive and property values that have dropped in turn discouraging refinances.  Last week the "home buyer tax credit" was extended and improved but this week we face the reality of tougher credit qualifying on FHA.  This is a brutal merry-go-round and I want off! 

All we want to do at Academy Mortgage is help our clients find affordable home ownership...that goal is getting more and more difficult be we are finding tools to help.  We are also dedicated to the congruent goal of helping our Realtor partners succeed.  Again, our unique tools are helping.  Ask me about "Buyer Acquire", "Score Guardian", and "Credit Xpert".  Watch the video here for a taste of how I can help you build your business at no cost to you:



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