New Marketing Idea.... Sponsor some one else's cards PART 2

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Ok, here is a summary:

The original blog :New Marketing Idea.... Sponsor some one else's cards had an idea to sponsor those little business card size reminders you get at the dentist, doctor, salon, etc.  negotiate with the owner to pay for the cards in exchange they put a line like "this reminder sponsored by..."

So last time I got my hair cut I mentioned it to the lady who cuts my hair (also the owner, and the same place I have gotten my hair cut at since I was 10) She loved the idea and made a funny comment about how she can't believe her husband, an insurance agent, didn't think of it.

The Snag: She orders those reminder cards by the CASE, she gives out around 30 a day, and she has enough to last her for at least 6 months or more. 

The Triumph: She is creating a "menu" to have all the other service they are starting at the salon (masage, waxing, make-up, etc.)  She offered for me to have my info on that.  We even thought of a great tag line, "sponsored by Brian Papaccio of Wells Fargo, customer since 1987"

The Dentist:  It is a big office I have yet to hear back from an owner, or person incharge of marketing, or person who orders the cards.  my next appointment isn't for a couple months.

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That really is a great idea.  I never thought of that.  Thanks Brian.
Jun 27, 2007 01:37 AM
Brad Snyder
Sierra Vista Realty - Sierra Vista, AZ

Thinking outside the box will be the difference between success or failure in a slower market. Fantastic ideas and shows that there are many creative ideas left out there.

Jun 27, 2007 01:59 AM
Julia Fedak
Royal LePage State Realty - Ancaster, ON

 I love it! Thanks for the advice Brian!


Jun 27, 2007 02:21 AM
marti garaughty - Montreal, QC
a highly caffeinated creative type...

 Hi Brian, this is an absolutely excellent idea. It's elegant, simple and easy to implement. A perfect example of joint venture marketing.

 It's also relatively inexpensive and has unlimited potential. As long as the "sponsored by" thing doesn't look too commercial or too much like advertising, I think anyone would be able to find a ton of marketing partners using this idea. Thanks...

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Jun 27, 2007 04:13 AM
Julie Neerings~Lifting Hearts ♥ Building Dreams~
Agent Referral - Salt Lake City, UT
Brian-This is a really great idea.  I would love to look into implementing this into my business.  I noticed you posted this in June.  Have you received any referrals yet?  This is such a great way to get your name out. 
Jul 31, 2007 02:01 AM
Brian Papaccio
Wells Fargo Home Loans - Newark, DE
The "menues" have not been completed yet, and I am still getting corporate approval.  So it is still in the works
Jul 31, 2007 02:43 AM