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I had a really sad call this weekend and wanted to share some of it in hopes that I can hep someone else avoid this type of pain and loss.  The caller found us as short sale specialists on the Internet and wanted us to come help her with her home sale. A bit of investigation revealed that her home had been foreclosed at last Tuesday's sale on the court house steps.  She knew she was having problems but did not realize that the mortgage company could foreclose so quickly. 

If you come from a judicial foreclosure state you may not realize that there will be no day in court regarding your foreclosure.  Once you default, the mortgage company can move to foreclose on the property,  So, it is very important the minute you find out you are in foreclosure to open a dialog with your mortgage company.  Also, open all your mail and pick up all certified mail.  The problem will not go away by refusing to accept certified mail. 

There are options available to you including but not limited to forebearence, deed in leui, or short sale.  Perhaps a simple loan modifcation is all you need to get back on track.  But one thing is for sure, you will never know until you ask. 

Please don't be like my weekend caller -- don't wait until it is too late for anyone to help you. 

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