Are your Energy Bills Skyrocketing? - Some Cost Cutting Tips

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Are your energy bills skyrocketing? With home heating costs skyrocketing and winter approaching, we’re all looking for simple and inexpensive ways to cut our home heating bills. Here are some cost cutting tips - inexpensive ways to help reduce your energy bills this winter.

  •  Clean Your Furnace – Though this might not be the cheapest way to save on heating costs, it is one of the most effective. A clean furnace is an efficient one. Make sure to service yours regularly. At the very least, change the air filter, A dirty air filter will block the airflow from your furnace anCompact Fluorescent Lightsd reduce the furnace’s life expectancy.
  • Use Compact Fluorescent Lighting – CFL bulbs use less than half of the energy of incandescent bulbs and last a lot longer. The choices, price and quality of the light available in CFL bulbs has improved greatly over time so if you’re not using it yet, start - and watch your electricity usage go down.
  • Install and Use a Programmable Thermostat – Program the thermostat to match your lifestyle. Why heat an empty house? Lower the heat during the hours that your family is at work/school or asleep. Make sure to get one with different settings for night/day and weekday/weekend.
  • Seal Air Leaks – Drafts are an indication of air leaks. Seal then with caulk or weather stripping to prevent the heat from leaving the house and the cold air from getting in.
  • Use Your Ceiling Fans – A fan can draw warm air through your home and help keep it warm.
  • Use Washing Machines and Dishwashers Wisely – Try and do full loads only. If you dHot water heateron’t run full loads you’ll need to run the appliances more frequently and will be wasting energy in the process.
  • Keep Shades Up and Blinds Open –Take advantage of the natural daylight and solar heat that naturally comes from the sun through your windows. This will cut down on the amount of light bulbs and heat running all day.
  • Insulate Your Water Heater – This will help your water heater retain heat and will reduce your energy bill over the course of the year. Of coarse, when you need to replace your water heater, as with all your appliances, make sure to buy an energy efficient model.
  • Turn It Off – If there is an appliance, light, television that you’re not using, make suProgrammable Thermostatre you turn it off. Why waste electricity on things you’re not using. 
  • Turn it down - Of coarse the best way to save on heating bills is to turn down the thermostat – even a couple of degrees can make a big difference. 

We don’t really have to give up all the gadgets we love in order to start saving energy in our homes. Just by making some simple changes in our habits and energy usage we can have a positive impact on our home budget and a positive impact on our environment as well


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