Veteran's Day

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Foreword:  On this Veteran's day I am including a poem I wrote about forty years ago.  To put this into context, I had recently returned from a tour of Viet Nam where I served as a combat medic with a Marine Infantry company.  I was working and going to college, found that one's chances of getting a job were better if no one knew of your service.  In fact, at the ripe age of 23, I was starting my junior year at the University of Calif. at San Diego.  I had transferred into this bastion of liberalism as a pre med major hoping to go to medical school.  Had challenged the state boards for my nursing license due to the training I had in the Navy and thought I had a good chance.  However, my academic advisor told me I was too old for med school (he knew I was a Nam vet).  Well I tried anyway until I ran into a required course called space-time physics.  I lasted six weeks.  I then switched over to Psychology, eventually gaining a master's degree.

The tone of the missive below is understandably bitter given the context of the times it was written in, and, needless to say, I have mellowed considerably since then.  I never thought of myself as a hero, I simply did my job,tending to wounded Marines in combat.  The thanks I got from them was a more than ample reward.  My wish is simply to be remembered for doing my duty.

Dick Potter

Corpman third class

Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment  April 1966-May 1967

                                                       "A Week in Viet Nam"

Monday's tears,

Tuesday's lament,

at the sight of young men,

hot on the blood scent.

Wednesday's fears,

Thusday's misgivings,

For honor and Glory,

with American blessings.

Friday's sorrows,

Saturday's remembering,

for those who have fallen,

Halleuyah!, Thanks giving.

Now clean your guns,

Sunday is here,

No time for God,

for Monday is near.



Once I was a soldier,

and I fought on foreign shores for you.

Once I was a hunter,

and I brought home fresh meat for you.

And once I was your lover,

and I searched behind your eyes for you.

and soon there will be another, to tell you I was just a lie.

Will you ever, remember me?

(author unknown)


Comments (4)

Steve Andrascik
Lake Mead Area Realty - Boulder City, NV

Happy birthday, Dick (Nov. 10). Welcome home, brother.

Boulder City Steve

US Army--Vietnam 1970

Nov 11, 2009 05:02 AM
Dinah Lee Griffey
Windermere Peninsula Properties - Allyn, WA
Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties

Thanks for sharing those words. I am so grateful for each and evey one of you who without delay went and served for us. Your service will always be remembered!-Dinah Lee

Nov 11, 2009 05:20 AM
Kenneth Young
Uni International LLC - Virginia Beach, VA

Dick I think that most of us veterns have the same feeling as you, not as a hero, but just doing what needed to be done and a sense of duty for our country.

US Navy - Retired 21 years

Nov 11, 2009 06:26 AM
Richard R. Bell
Richard Bell - Windermere Peninsula Properties - Belfair, WA
Broker-Manager, Allyn - Belfair Washington State Realtor

Dick, well said and deeply touching. Thank you for your service and sharing this little bit of insight into the combat veteran.

US Army - Vietnam 1968-69

Nov 11, 2009 07:40 AM