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November 11th, 2009 | 04:12 pm

We are still facing some pretty tough times, economically speaking. Some days it seems like it will never end - - that we'll never hear some genuinely "good news" on the TV or the radio. But let's think about things a little differently today.

I probably don't have to remind you that it's Veterans Day, but you might need a little prompting to stop and think about the weight of this Holiday (I know I need a little push to slow down every now and then). Men and women who have gone before us made sacrifices and gave their lives in order to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today. This we cannot forget or take for granted.

Here are a couple facts you might already know, but I think are interesting:

\\ Veterans Day began as Armistice Day in 1919, honoring those who fought and served in World War I.

\\ Armistice Day was officially expanded to celebrate "all" veterans by President Dwight Eisenhower on May 26, 1954.

\\ The push to include all veterans originated in Emporia, Kansas. (I bet you didn't know that.)

\\ Congress replaced "Armistice" with "Veterans" on November 8, 1954, and we've known it as Veterans Day ever since.

\\ A quick internet search just revealed that there is only a handful of surviving WWI veterans - - three to be exact, and they're all nearly 110 years old (Wikipedia told me so). This is precisely why you'll get an email like this from me, from time to time. We must remember how much has been sacrificed for our freedoms, and we're running out of people who can remind us with first-hand accounts.

For me, thinking about all this really puts things in perspective. The economy may not be in ideal shape, but our veterans have endured far worse things than a recession. I have faith that Good will prevail in this situation as it has so many times before, and I encourage you to stick it out with me.

Don't let today go by without reflecting on what our veterans mean to you and me. If you personally know anyone who has served our Great Nation, please thank him or her for me.

Happy Veterans Day!

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