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Burn Marks Inside Electrical Panel
















 At this home inspection in North Olmsted, Ohio our company Crown Inspection Solutions found that this breaker at some point arced out and scorched the back side of this panel. Note that the breaker is in the tripped position indicating that the problem probably was never corrected. We asked the current owner if any work was performed electrically to the home recently. Their reply was "No".

 The buyer asked for a licensed electrical contractor to come in and evaluate the system. The seller has agreed to repair the safety hazard associated with this situation and actually paid $800.00 for a panel upgrade to add more spaces for breakers and to correct some miscellaneous electrical issues.

 Home inspection was $249.00, and the safety of my client...Priceless.

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Indeed.  Good idea having them come out and take a look.  Better safe then sorry.


Jun 27, 2007 07:16 AM