Bad Water? You need to know if your water is potable!

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From your Montrose Home Inspector

Your Montrose Home Inspector just read the Montrose Independent and found information that directly backed up what a Dimock resident told me yesterday at a local fresh water supply; this new gas-drilling operation going on in our area, although making some very wealthy, is possibly to blame for contaminants in drinking water. 

You now have  GCS Home Inspections and our services (including AFFORDABLE water sampling).    You're probably reading this blog on our web site but I can't believe some of the possible negligence that has occurred in Dimock.  A water sample analysis is in order for every concerned resident and I wish I could do it for free, but I can make it affordable! CALL me!!! I would like to develop a plan of monthly tests for you, beginning with a baseline so you know where you started.  You can best identify (through a certified Lab analysis) when your water became contaminated, or when it became potable once again. 

I tested my well water here at our home before we moved so I could have peace-of-mind that our children were not going to get sick from our water source.  CALL ME!!! 570-504-8393

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Alix Pinzon
Open Mortgage, LLC NMLS # 2975 - Downey, CA

I've owned three homes in the past 20 years, and I never drank any of the public water from them.  Taste is the primary reason, but there's something about not knowing where it came from, and what's been done to it that troubles me.

Nov 12, 2009 03:19 PM
David Zablatsky
Avant Realty Group - Needham, MA
Real Estate - Needham, MA

Hi Greg,

I actually recently installed a filtration system coming into the house, prior to that i used to used a filtered picture now i use both!



Nov 12, 2009 03:33 PM