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Every once in a while we find ourselves crossing the path of the dream that we had as a child.  If anyone watches "Gary Unmarried" he is living a life of working as a Painter and a damn good one. But his dream was to always be a radio sports guy. When he had the opportunity arise to do it, he realized he wouldn't be able to if he wanted to support his family but his ex-wife saw his sacrifice all the past years to provide a good home and pay and said, "Go for it, we will make it work here."

Like many of you, I didn't grow up thinking that I wanted to be a Realtor. I thought that was on the same level as a lawyer or doctor. Never did I think I would be helping clients sell or buy their homes. But here I am with a really wonderful job for almost 5 years and meeting such wonderful Realtors along the way.  Now I have an opportunity to live my dream, singing.  I have had the opportunity before but I chose to stay home and raise my family and wait until they were older to possibly reach for the stars again. Waiting made me older and miss cut off ages like, American Idol.

My time has come now.  I have been in Alexandria, VA for the past week rehearsing with choreography and vocal training with a production called Operation Rising Star.  This production was made by some of the producers of American Idol for the military. It was known as Military Idol but they changed the name about 3 years ago.  I am already getting contacts from people in Germany who saw me audition on their tv to get them ready for this show.  I was picked out of 35 installations to be in the top 12 to compete. I am representing Ft. Campbell, KY.

As a fellow Realtor, I know that Active Rain has a lot of members and there is no other Realtor in this competition.  Can you take the time on Sunday the 15th of this month to get online and go to and click on VOTE? Put in your vote for me to help move me to the top 6. Help your fellow Realtor?

I will be singing the song, "Just a Dream" by Carrie Underwood to honor the fallen soldiers and their family members. My time has come now and 50% is up to the public.  Will you help me?

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