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As far as my experience has been with Vitesse, I can tell you the following....

Feeling somewhat hopeless in going to battle against the 3 Major Credit Reporting Agencies, I feel so fortunate and blessed to have found Vitesse Financial to help me rectify countless inaccurate, incorrect, and outright false reporting on my credit file.

I was a victim of both identity theft and what I would call "Alias" grouping of my name with another person. My credit score in August of 2005 was 813. I discovered in October of 2007 it was below 420 when I went to buy an automobile. I was shocked and horrified to learn there were over 55 accounts linked to my name that were not mine. Now all of them have been disputed and removed.

After paying an attorney hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fight the credit agencies on my behalf, and filing online disputes through maze of 3 different companies for when tripled was hundreds of inaccuracies, I feel so fortunate to have found Vitesse Financial...a company that knows how to navigate the comprehensive and extremely confusing process of disputing inaccurate reporting for each company. Listen, I tried to do this myself, and I may have accomplished some success on my own, but Vitesse honestly cleared up my entire Credit File in less than a year, for what would have taken me hundreds of hours on my own.

Vitesse Financial, for an extremely reasonable monthly fee, will do all the work attorneys and you can do on your own for literally a fraction of the cost.  I spent collectively hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to dispute all of the incorrect and inaccurate reporting on my credit file, and then all of my problems were solved for a simple $50/month...Vitesse cleared up my credit report and restored it to a 800+ score. (Increased 380+ points)

I have recommended this service to others and will continue to do so for anyone that experiences any negative reporting on their credit file.

-Thank you kindly, Michael, South Carolina


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Vitesse Financial has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Not only do we specialize in fixing inaccurate errors on credit reports, we educate on what you can do to optimize your credit score.

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