Sellers Should Embrace Proper Drainage!

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Okay, I have to address this because so many people won't/don't.  If you are trying to sell a home, wouldn't you do most anything you could to cause it to sell faster.  Most of us would answer, "yes," but some don't seem to want to even do the smallest things.  For example, downspouts.  This is a small item and extremely cheap/quick fix for a home.  And, it is quickly becoming my pet peeve.  I recently wrote an offer on a home that most likely would have never had water issues in the basement if the downspouts were done correctly.  Downspouts should direct the water away from the house/foundation 6-8 feet or be directed into the ground away from the foundation in a "drain field."  But, for some reason, I guess it is too hard to get to Home Depot and purchase some really cheap plastic tubing to slide onto the gutters.  Home inspectors eat this up and will take photos and make notes for you to remind you to ask the sellers to repair this problem!  If you take nothing from this little rant, take this:  Water is EVIL!  Keep it away from your house and your problems will be fewer and your home will sell faster.  Thanks for letting me vent and I hope to see lots of black drain tubes attached to all downspouts in the near future!

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Water can cause so much damage.  I don't know why homeowners do not realize that.  Some seem to choose to ignore it, hoping it will go away and it sometimes does but of course, only to return again. 

Nov 13, 2009 11:27 AM