Your 2010 Business Plan Started Days Ago: How To Market The Extended Homebuyer Tax Credit

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Your 2010 Business Plan Started Days Ago: How To Market The Extended Homebuyer Tax Credit.

I posted a blog on Marketing Opportunities: Homebuyer Tax Credit in AR and also on my Facebook.  I had approximately 45 posts on the AR blog and about 26 personal replies and on Facebook I had no posts and about 30 personal replies. I hyperlinked the blogs with and had about 33 people opt to follow me on Twitter. If you are left wondering what were the personal replies about, the majority of them were from REALTORS asking me to share with them some marketing ideas.  Get this?  REALTORS asking ME for marketing tips!  Well, I confess!  This is my expertise and I am a marketing wiz of sorts.


What is my point?  Well I started marketing the idea of marketing the Federal Housting Extended Tax Credit on my blogs that resulted a total of 1300 views, 134 replies and additions to my database of which I was able to generate 7 appointments with REALTORS and it also generated about 4 referral (buyers) clients to my team.  I would say that was a pretty big start.  Don't stop the press yet, I just got started!  To simplify what I have and continue to do, let me make it simple:

  1. Blog, blog, blog and then blog some more.
    1. Sign up on as many blog sites as you can and write material worthy of reading and educate the masses (learn more at Federal Housting Extended Tax Credit).
    2. Let people know that this is the last tax credit and it "WILL NOT" be extended after April 2010.
  2. Call, call, call and then call some more on your database.
    • This is the foremost important aspect to what we do as sales consultants.  WE TALK!! Do I need to say more
    • Do not call asking if your client wants to buy or sell.  They likely DO NOT!!  Use them to extend the word out to their sphere of influence.  Let them know that this is the best opportunity for them to help their friends and family take advantage of historic lows while earning the tax credit even if they currently own a home.
    • Ask your clients if they understand the tax credit.  They might be eligible and do not know enough about it.  In fact they can claim the tax now if they want to, they do not have to wait to tax return time
    • Conduct more calls!
  3. Get together with your Marketing Rep and/ or Loan Officer
    1. Strategize on a viable marketing plan (FYI: This takes speaking to a real Marketing Rep.  not someone who is going to just throw postcards at you) or even an LO who understands marketing (not many do) not just answering calls and sending preapproval letters.  I am an LO and I can tell you that many just don't get it too well.
    2. Obtain a list of homeowners that purchased in 1999-2004 and still live in their homes.  Believe me, there are more than you think.  Here in Arizona the count was in the 100's of thousands. 
    3. With the help of your Marketing Rep and/or LO, devise a letter worth reading and highly informative. 
    4. Don't try to be elegant on the letter. 
      • Think about this.. When you get a letter solicitation in the mail in 10-12 size font: How Many Seconds Does It Take You To Throw It Away?
      • Now think about this:  When you get a letter solicitation in the mail with big 18-42 size font: How Many "MINUTES" Does It Take You To Throw It Away?
      • BIG, LOUD, and GAUDY WORKS!!
    5. Take out your check book. This is going to be an investment well worth it. The best things are not free and take TIME, MONEY and DEDICATION.  Sorry! No Freebies here.
    6. Write a check to your preferred direct marketing company and get the postcards, door hangers, and letters out into the world.
  4. Repeat Step 1 through 3 all over again. 

Fellow associates... this is not rocket science but it does involve some hard work and dedication.  Keep in mind that Real Estate & Mortgage sales and is a lot like holiday shopping where now everyone begins as early as September to buy gifts.  For us, we go selling!  October, November and December is our 2010 New Year.  Our 2010 is already in the works.  If you are not devising and/or implementing a plan of attack, you leave the playing field open to the REALTOR & LO next door.  We must earn our keep and get our hands dirty and consult our clients to the best of our ability.  As you already know, the cream of the crops is rising in the industry and there will be more collateral damage.

As always, the 90/10 Rule Applies here.. What side will you be on?

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Jackie -
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Joeann - love the fact that Ted's tips include Active marketing - i.e., actually picking up the phone and calling people or going out there and meeting people.

Nov 17, 2009 11:49 PM
Ted Canto
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Thank you for the re-post!!

Nov 18, 2009 06:26 AM
Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Associate Brokers
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Business Planning 101 - In order to follow your Business Plan you must take the time to create it!

Nov 13, 2010 03:12 AM