Fitness Made Easy in Sun City, Bluffton, SC.

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fitness after 55

On Sundays,  I run a circuit that includes a one mile asphalt path. It's great for precisely timing pace for a mile. On several occasions--an elderly, petite lady appears in her "running shoes." I'd estimate that's she's close to 90 years of age. 

Wearing a flowery dress and a large hat that shields her from the South Carolina sun, she walks the one mile circle.  And, she times herself.  One sunday, I heard an audible "great!" --after she checked her watch. 

We have become fitness buddies and greet each other as we pass. What I find remarkable is that she is enjoying herself and has not lost that competitive spirit.

elderly lady sun city bluffton jogger

It is never too late to start getting in shape and when you do, you'll have more energy and enthusiasm for life. And, if you want to get away from the winter in the North, there is no better place to train then in sunny and warm Sun City, Bluffton, S.C.

Sun City is a community of "active adults." Just like my fitness friend, you can find a fitness activity that's just right for you.

For instance: Like to work out in a gym? There 2 Gyms with another on stream. Like to swim? There are 3 Pools, one indoor pool, and another outside pool is to be built.  Are you Golf addict? There are 3 golf courses. And, if racket sports are your thing, there are 12 courts available to test your stamina and skill. Or, maybe you enjoy team sports like softball. There are teams for all levels of players. There's much more to do here then you can imagine. And, I'd be happy to fill you in when you visit.

So, I hope you'll come play and have fun-- and soon. Why not give me a call? I'll be delighted to aid and abet a healthful living style by assisting you to find just the right home here in Sun City Hilton Head.

Call me at 843-368-9146 

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John March