5 Things Every Realtor in Santa Clarita needs to know for this weekend

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5 Things Every Realtor needs to know for this Weekend

By now you already know that the FTHB Tax credit has been extended and expanded, but do you know the details so that you can properly explain it to your clients. 

     Here are some bullet points:

  • You need to be in contract by 4/30/2010 and close the transaction by 6/30/2010. 
  • The income limits for the tax credit have been raised to $125,000 for a single filer and $225,000 for a joint filer.
  • The best part of this extension is the expansion to all home buyers that have owned a home for 5 consecutive years out of the last 8. 
  • If your buyer is a repeat home owner the credit is $3250 for a single filer and $6500 for a joint filer. 

•· It's that time again -- Ready or not, the Holiday's are in full swing and this means your open house needs to compete with the mad shoppers at the mall.  Talk to your local stores and restaurants and ask them for coupons that you can pass out at your open house.  You help them - they help you.  Advertise that you'll be passing out coupons to visitors.  Find creative ways to keep the foot traffic flowing through your open house.

•· The Valencia mall expansion is finally about to open.. On Thursday Nov 19, the Patios restaurants complex at the mall is planning to finally open its doors.  Just in time for the holiday rush.  (imagine that)  Time to go check out some new restaurants.  Why not treat your clients --especially if they're moving into SCV from out of the area. 

•· Interest rates really surprised me this week with 2 late bond market rallies on Thursday and Friday causing rates to move back down.   I don't expect them to stay this low for very long and there's a good chance that rates will bounce back up on Monday, so if you have a buyer ready to go.  Call me immediately!   We can lock and load and get them a phenomenal rate this weekend.  

•· Loan Limits for 2010 have been published and Fannie and Freddie have decided to keep everything the same for next year.  This means conforming loan limits will stay at $417,000 across the nation and high cost areas such as Los Angeles County will be eligible for higher balance limits up to $729,750.  That's a big plus for everyone... If you want a better understanding on the significance of this call me.  Your buyers and sellers need to understand this..

Ok that's my update for this weekend.  Remember I'm always available to help you and your clients, so please don't hesitate to call me.

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