The Wallpaper Dilemma - Home Appreciators Renovating 4 Resale Series

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The wallpaper dilemma is a serious issue for today's seller and therefore their real estate professional. 

If you think about it, wallpaper is one of the most personalized elements in home decor.  As real estate professionals, we want our sellers to de-personalize their homes, and that means removing wallpaper.

But, consider the homeowner perspective.  They agonized over the selection of the pattern, maybe tackled it as their first DIY project or hired a professional, and then had years of compliments from family and friends.  Based on all of that, their emotional attachment runs deep.

But trends are trends, and wallpaper is "out".  Our job is to get our home sellers to disconnect from the emotion, and to help them realize the benefits of listening to our advice.  Here are a few talking points that may "paint" the right picture for a client.

  • It dates a home.  Wallpaper was popular in the 80's and 90's.
  • Patterns can be too busy and therefore is a distraction for today's homebuyer. 
  • It can make a room feel small. 
  • It tends not to photograph well.
  • It becomes an expense for the buyer, therefore they'll discount the sale price.
  • Take a cue from a furniture catalog or any HGTV show.  No wallpaper.

We ask a lot of our sellers because we know what sells and what doesn't.  And it may be difficult to convince them to tackle this project, but in the end, it will be worth their effort.

So when the question is "Should I remove the wallpaper before I try to sell my home?" the answer is always "YES!".


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