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Community Information for Seal Beach.  I'm Len Stregles, Realtor and resident of Seal Beach, California.  This blog is a means of informing people about the area of Seal Beach, it's activities and it's housing market.

I’ve always liked beach towns and Seal Beach is no exception.  I grew up in the Midwest but every summer my family would travel south to visit relatives.  We would all rent a beach cottage on Tybee Island in Georgia.  I loved those summers filled with days on the beach eating boiled peanuts and all the watermelon a young man could eat.  

Seal Beach



Fast forwarding enough years I don’t want to get out my calculator to figure it out, I now live in the small beach town called Seal Beach.  Seal Beach in some ways is similar to other beach towns in California.  It has a pier that houses a Ruby Restaurant at the end.  It has towering palm trees along the shore.   Surfers surf around the pier and surround area. 

More Community Information for Seal Beach. What sets Seal Beach apart though is its small town charm that is underscored by its Main Street.  As you walk down Main Street, you can not help to notice that there are not many big names in retail.  Most businesses are Mom and Pop shops.  There are a variety of restaurants that fit every palet including Thai, BBQ and California cuisine.  Many are Zaget rated including two Pizza shops.

What’s hard to realize is that in the 1920’s Seal Beach had a reputation for nightlife more than it does now.  Then it had a huge roller coaster, gaming rooms, gambling ships and rum runners.

Today, when describing Community Information for Seal Beach, residents would describe it as a sleepy little town.  People want to live here for the charm and relaxation.  Seal Beach offers several housing options to Seal Beach Homeowners.  If you drive west of the Pacific Coast Highway, this is called Old Town Seal Beach.  Seal Beach Homes are higher priced due to their proximity to water and the Main Street attractions.  East of the Pacific Coast Highway, the area called “the hill” houses just under 1,000 homes, which are unique.  These are not cookie cutter homes and are much sought after as family friendly community.  Down the road on Seal Beach Boulevard is Leisure World, which is a vast retirement community for those 55+. 

When asking about Community Information for Seal Beach, some people ask about the major employers and the economy.  Seal Beach also has industry in space and defense.  The Naval Weapons Station is located here as well as a large Boeing presence.  Seal Beach no doubt provides an attractive assignment for those workers on temporary assignment. 

When people ask me about Community Information for Seal Beach, I tell them about the housing market.  For all of its charm, Seal Beach Homes sell for an average of $850,000 for a typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.  As expected, waterfront homes will cost an average of $4 million.  

Thinking of becoming a Seal Beach Homeowner?  If you decide to come for a visit and yearn to live here like so many do, please contact me so I can find you the home you are looking for.   As a local expert in the area, I can help guide you to the best home to fit your needs.  

The Seal Beach picture below shows the activity during the summer.  The beach is much less crowded at other times of the year.  

Beautiful Seal Beach


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