Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Elk and Low Flying Pelicans

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I was down in Galveston County visiting my Dad for Veteran's Day (Dad's a WWII vet) and ran across two news local news items that are very odd and yet have similar lessons that my dad taught me years ago when he told me to keep my eyes peeled on the road and not bikini girls on the seawall. 

First was an article in the Galveston News reporting that a woman on her way to work called 911 and reported that she had hit a MOOSE!.. Now since this is south Texas, so the dispatcher figured she was either drunk or crazy.  When she calmed down a bit she reported it must have been an Elk!.  Well the only Elk you'll find down in Galveston County is at the local lodge.  The police came out, thinkiing that the lady had hit a deer, or even a cow since she was insisting it was much larger than a deer.  Sure enough, she had hit an Elk!  Thankfully, she was not hurt, though the car was worse for wear.  To date, there is no information on where the Elk came from or why it was in Texas.

Second, was a news article, again from the Galveston News, and it was picked up by the tv stations, of a Bugatti Veyron (a car costing upwards to  2 milliion dollars.. yes 2 MIL!) that had splashed down into a salt marsh that lay along interstate 45 between La Marque and Galveston.  The driver reported that he had been distracted by a low flying pelican and lost control.  Oh ya, he also dropped his cell phone.  You be the judge, there is a video link on youtube here.

So, good advice Dad, evidently you do need to keep your eyes peeled when driving down there.

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Zane Coffin
Century-21 Homestar - Geneva, OH
(Geneva Ohio Real Estate Agent)

Mike I love it....just about anything can distract you when driving and you never know what will jump or fly out in front of you.....I almost bought a Bugatti this past summer ...but Becky said it was ugly and I already had to many know Becky hit a deer a few weeks ago right?.....peace zane

Nov 16, 2009 09:11 AM
Mike Sparks
The House Company Galveston Texas - Galveston, TX
Galveston Island Real Estate

Zane, ya I saw the post, glad no one was hurt.  We have a lot of deer up here in central Texas and they are a hazard if you don't watch out for them.  The poor lady that hit the Elk down in La Marque was a struggling single mother that lost her only means of transportation.  The guy with the million dollar Bugatti shrugged it off and called his insurance company.  

Nov 16, 2009 10:44 AM
Shoshana Shay
St. Pete Realty - Treasure Island, FL

OK, I really do want to know where the elk came from. Elk in Texas? The police must have really been puzzled!

Nov 16, 2009 01:28 PM
Mike Sparks
The House Company Galveston Texas - Galveston, TX
Galveston Island Real Estate

Yes, they still haven't determined where the Elk came from.  There is a exotic game park in the area, but all their elk are accounted for.  There was a pic of the poor elk in the paper but it was too graphic to post.  No doubt though it was a BIG elk.

Nov 17, 2009 08:52 AM
Cindy Bryant
Redesign Etc. Home Staging - Houston, TX
"Houston Home Staging Pros"

I drive that road alot, and believe me, I've seen some very strange things going on in those parts!!

Dec 05, 2009 11:59 AM