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How much should I pay for a condo in Sunset Vistas in Treasure Island Tampabay on Gulf Blvd.

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How much should I pay for a condo in Sunset Vistas in Treasure Island Tampabay on Gulf Blvd.

Sunset Vista treasure IslandYou do not need to be a Realtor or an appraiser to find the right price for these condos. All it takes it common sense. All of the units are the same, same size, same year built, same color, same floors, same kitchen, same furniture same everything BUT the view.


There are 13 units in a row going all the way from the street to the beach angled so each unit has a view of the water. The building has five floors above parking. The units have 3 digit numbers the first number is the floor and the other two are the position on the floor. It starts with 1 at the street site and goes up to 13 which is closest to the beach.

So, right now unit units in Sunset Vista Treasure Island

408 is listed for $299,000

302 is listed for $306,000

403 is listed for $309,900

Now here we have unit 201 listed for $399,000. I hope the seller does not wonder why it has been on the market for 1132 days. This unit is on the lowest floor and the furthers from the beach.

 All this said, one last thing.   Don't just "stumble" into the Real Estate market, do your homework first, be prepared find a good Listing agent  or selling agent that knows Treasure Island, someone that does a lot of online advertising and marketing for a listing and comparative market analysis for a sale, check out his or her testimonials, "Google" the name.  

I hope I gave you a good answer to your question.  How much should I pay for a condo in Sunset Vistas in Treasure Island Tampabay on Gulf Blvd.


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Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

Thanks for sharing. Business should be good for you as the weather gets colder in the north. The $6,500 tax credit for home owners should encourage many to move south.

Nov 16, 2009 10:38 PM
Debbie Cullen
REMAX Realty Team-Cape Coral, FL - Cape Coral, FL
Your Cape Coral, FL Specialist

Thanks for the info Anne.  Looks like a fabulous place....gotta love the beach!

~Deb in Cape Coral, FL

Nov 16, 2009 10:39 PM