NAMB welcomes HUD decision to extend RESPA enforcement date.

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The link to NAMB's latest press release can be found here. NAMB continues to work for you!

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Anne James

I am one the first in 2010 to submit new GFE (took account executive and me 2 hours to work out) and after review, Provident Bank is so worried it's not 'right' they don't want to process my refi for 30 days! I need all the official comments I can get that reinforce 'If the loan officer/broker makes a good faith effort--yeah a little play on words there-- to deliver new GFE, it's considered compliant til this settles down and shakes out in detail. Provident management would welcome the supporting comments about the flex time period as well.

Anne James, Broker, Reliance Funding

Jan 08, 2010 12:28 PM