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Leaving the center of Occidental we head south on Bohemian Highway toward Freestone and Bodega Road.


The 4 or 5 miles between Occidental and Freestone offer some of the most scenic and bucolic landscape in Sonoma county. The winding road has gentle slopes and runs through a valley carved by seasonal creeks that join Salmon Creek that finally empty into the Pacific Ocean.

Along the way are sunny meadows, alternating with forested hills and gulches carved by the creek.

Today, Freestone contains a few small shops, hotel and inn and is the nucleus of a wider community that includes organic farms and wineries, nature lovers, slow food advocates and artists. It is also a destination for bicycling, canoe rides and other out-door advocates.

As we drove through Freestone on the Bohemian Highwaythe aroma of brick oven baked pastries and breads announced our approach to a west county institutoni - WILD FLOUR BREAD BAKERY. There is no question that you have to STOP!

Below is a picture of THE WILD FLOUR BREAD BAKERY. Such decisions?? Which one??? WILD FLOWER GARDENS is next door to the bakery. We sat under a huge live oak and enjoyed tea, coffee and biscotti (more than one I might add.) Happily next door is a whimsical boutique with a variety of  "ENDURING COMFORTS."

A hundred yards up the road the Bohemian Highway ends at Bodega Highway were we turned east and headed for home with hillsides clad with apple orchards, cattle ranches and woodlands all around us.


                                                                                             Kathleen Bonham

                                                                  Country and Vintage Specialist

                                                                                  Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol


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Kathleen Bonham

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